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The World Around Us 

The purpose of the project is to challenge the usual way we see the world by bringing to light the distortion brought on by the media and the way it influences our perception of reality. 


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“The world around me is dissolving, leaving here and there spots of time.

The world is a cancer eating itself away....

I am thinking that when the great silence descends upon all and everywhere, music will
at last triumph. When into the womb of time, everything is again withdrawn,

chaos will be restored and chaos is the score upon which reality is written.”
- Henry Miller, American writer


“I have the impression that music expresses the world we live in, that is to say the sentimental  partition of existence.

The sort of vital reality that connects us to the world and others.

I find that music often tells the truth.”
- Stéphan Bureau, Canadian journalist


The Modern Slavery is a voluntary slavery, extended by the masses of slaves who crawl the surface of the earth.
They accumulate goods for themselves that drive them deeper into their own slavery.

They run themselves behind an alienating occupation that we grant generously to them, if they are sufficiently wise.

They themselves choose the masters whom they will have to serve.

For this absurd tragedy to have been put in place, it was first and foremost necessary that all members of this class be stripped of all consciousness of its exploitation and alienation.
This is the strange modernity of our time. Contrary to the slaves of Antiquity, to the serfs of the Middle Age, or to the labourers of the first Industrial Revolution, today we are amidst a class of completely enslaved people who do not realize their own captivity, or rather, turn a blind eye.

Revolt is consequently ignored, when it should be the only justifiable reaction to the exploitation.

They accept, without question, the pitiful life that has been structured for them. Their renunciation and resignation are the source of their grief.

And this is the nightmare of the modern slaves who aspire to nothing but letting themselves go in the gruesome dance of the system of alienation.
Oppression becomes modernized by spreading forms of mystification everywhere, which allow the slaves’ conditions to be hidden. Showing reality such as it is, and not how it is presented by the powers, establishes the most authentic subversion.

Only the truth is revolutionary.


The Herd “Between light and darkness”

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